Investment Process

Our Investment Process generally proceeds along the following path...

We learn about a company investment opportunity through a meeting, a referral, or the submission of a company Business Plan.
If the opportunity appears to meet our criteria we will schedule a face-to-face meeting with the company representatives. More than one meeting will probably be held as we learn more about the company, its products and markets, its challenges and the capital growth opportunity.
At some point during this process, we will prepare an internal document call the Investment Opportunity Review Memorandum. This document provides a top-level view of the company and will be circulated to and discussed by our entire management team with the view of arriving at a consensus about whether or not to pursue the investment opportunity.

If the decision is made to pursue the investment opportunity, we will prepare and submit to the portfolio company candidate a Term Sheet setting forth the financial, operational, and legal framework of our proposed investment in the company.

Upon signing the Term Sheet the parties will enter into the Due Diligence period during which our management team will work closely with the management team and staff of the portfolio company candidate to undertake a rigorous review and evaluation of the company’s business operations. The general objectives of the due diligence process are to:
Conduct a thorough review of the company and its current operations.
Review and evaluate the company’s underlying business processes both individually and as they fit together into the operating whole.
Examine closely the key opportunities and critical challenges facing the company.
Identify the exit opportunity targets and timeframe, and secure the company management team’s agreement on the steps needed to execute the exit strategies.
Transform the company’s business plan into an Operating Plan which will guide the company’s efforts going-forward after the Fund’s investment is closed.

It is this linking of these critical company building processes with targeted exit opportunities which will be at the core of the General Partner’s investment decisions

At the close of the due diligence period if the consensus of the our management team is that an investment in the company is warranted, then an internal Investment Memorandum will be prepared summarizing the results of the due diligence investigations and recommending investment in the company. The Investment Memorandum will be distributed for review and approval to all of our management team as well as to the members of the Board of Advisors for their advice and counsel.
Assuming the Investment Memorandum receives favorable approval, detailed investment documentation will be prepared and the investment closed in a prompt and efficient manner.