The NORTHPOINT CAPITAL GROUP focuses on investing in growing companies in established industries.  We seek to join our financial capital and management expertise with company management teams in order to transform ideas and possibilities into profitable realities.  Our portfolio companies are characterized by high-quality management teams; products or services with solid market positions and competitive advantages; and the opportunity for exceptional financial performance.  

NORTHPOINT CAPITAL GROUP brings to its portfolio companies the compound effect of financial capital plus knowledge capital…a concept we refer to as “Capital²”.  We understand a growing company is often confronted with management team deficiencies which are just as critical to the company’s future success as funding sources, and we provide our portfolio companies with this management team assistance. 

We seek investments in companies providing business services, healthcare products, industrial products, consumer products, information technologies, and energy/natural resource technologies in the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas market areas. We do not make investments in real estate projects, oil and gas properties, life sciences companies, professional or personal service firms, or financial institutions.